Grupo Iberica De Congelados Sa (IBERCONSA)

An international group with its origins in Galicia and a presence in five continents, GRUPO IBERCONSA has become a benchmark in the fishing, processing and distribution of frozen sea products. Our Group is a world leader in the marketing of Argentine red shrimp and frozen hake and boasts a fleet that now totals 42 vessels operating in the very best fishing grounds: Argentina, Namibia and South Africa. GRUPO IBERCONSA is an expert in each and every one of the phases of the value chain: from the capture and processing of its sea products to their distribution and marketing. This vertical integration allows us to guarantee a product of the highest and most consistent quality, aspects that are key to our concept of customer service. More than 37 years of experience, 2.500 employees in 4 continents, 106.000 tons/year of production and an annual turnover of 325M€, are the key figures of GRUPO IBERCONSA, the world leader in capture and production of Argentine red shrimp and frozen hake.