Project News: Current standards for biodegradation and ecotoxicity


In September 2020, SEALIVE project partner Austrian Standards International published a report on current standards for biodegradation and ecotoxicity. The report, produced by SEALIBVE Work Package 7 lead by Dagmar Schermann, provides an overview of the standards,  starting from test schemes, analysis and specifications of plastic compounds to the environmental aspects of recovery and recycling of plastic waste and details of current standards for biodegradation and ecotoxicity. The report provides the essential background information needed for performing pre-normative research in different environments, including soil, water, or compost, related to biodegradation and environmental safety of plastics and products.

This SEALIVE deliverable report is publically available from the project website here.


Published 18/12/2020 | Last edited 04/03/2021

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