PROJECT NEWS: Gate2Growth visit to the LOOP Forum


On 26th April, Gate2Growth’s Carmen Bianca Socaciu and Michalina Pietras visited the LOOP Forum – Denmark’s leading event for circular economies – getting insights into the latest circular trends and promoting the SEALIVE to other participants of the Forum.

The LOOP Forum is an annual event taking place in Copenhagen. It is a space for cross-industry collaboration, connecting business professionals, public authorities, researchers and thoughts leaders for knowledge sharing, networking, and promoting groundbreaking solutions and circular business models to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy.

As a visitor at the Forum, Gate2Growth had the chance to attend insightful panels and keynote speeches on future adaptative design, the diversity of circular definitions, circular value propositions and the importance of data in the circular economy. In addition to gaining knowledge from these sessions, Gate2Growth leveraged the opportunity to network with companies representing different bio-based and circular solutions for potential knowledge exchange related to the SEALIVE t project.

If you are involved in an EU-funded project working towards a circular economy or bio-based solutions and would like to collaborate, please get in touch with us at INFO@SEALIVE.EU.

Published 09/05/2023 | Last edited 09/05/2023

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