Project News: SEALIVE presented at the SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting


By Astrid Delorme (CA-INP & ICCF)

The society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) is a global non-profit society that promotes scientific research related to environmental contaminants. Plastic pollution is a growing topic in this area, and the SETAC is committed to improving education, new policies and decision-making based on the emerging research on plastic pollution.

Every year the SETAC European Geographic Unit organizes a meeting, attracting thousands of individuals, from academia, industry, and regulation,  engaged in finding solutions to environmental problems. This year, the SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting was held in Copenhagen from the 15th to the 19th of May 2022. Astrid Delorme (postdoctoral researcher at CA-INP & ICCF) attended and presented two posters – the first based on  SEALIVE results from WP7 and the second based on work by PhD student Luna Valero at CA-INP & ICCF, from WP2.

The week-long programme consisted of 75 different thematic sessions, with in-depth scientific presentations on a variety of issues providing a comprehensive knowledge base for further research, as well as evidence to support future policy-making and to improve education. Each day,  inspirational keynote speakers and topical discussion panels evoked highly interactive and constructive discussions with the audience. The highlight for me was the strong drive from the participants to contribute to a green transition and move towards a reduced pollution society.

Despite the very busy programme, there were plenty of opportunities to network between presentations, and every day the conference featured dynamic poster sessions and opportunities to disseminate SEALIVE results and engage with stakeholders.  SETAC participants were interested to learn how SEALIVE will minimize plastic pollution and promote a healthier environment through the development of sustainable bio-based plastics solutions.

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To view or download the posters presented at the meeting, please visit the SEALIVE community on Zenodo.


Published 24/06/2022 | Last edited 25/10/2022

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