Project News: SEALIVE represented at the 3rd European Bioplastics Research Network Event

BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE is an EU, Horizon-2020 funded project dedicated to developing sustainable solutions for bio-based products to support the European Plastics Strategy.

SEALIVE partner, VEnvirtotech, participated in the recent networking event hosted by BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE, Technological and market-related challenges to bio-based plastics productionon 17 February, 2021.

The virtual meeting had over 60 attendees, representing projects and initiatives working across bio-based plastics research and industry across Europe. Patricia Ayma, CEO of VEnvirtotech, Spain, gave a short presentation on their company’s experience as a biotechnology start-up working in bio-plastics.

VEnvirtotech is dedicated to the transformation of organic waste into polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) bioplastics by bacteria which are biodegradable in the environment and compatible with the human body. For more information about VEnvirtotech’s exciting research, visit

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Published 02/03/2021 | Last edited 20/05/2021

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