PROJECT NEWS: Biobased Plastics for Marine and Terrestrial Applications: Exhibition, Knowledge Transfer & Workshop

The latest SEALIVE event “Biobased Plastics for Marine and Terrestrial Applications: Exhibition, Knowledge Transfer & Workshop” took place in September at Love Bar in Dubrovnik. There were 62 participants from across local and regional government, fisheries, aquaculture, plastic producers and consultants.

The aim of the event, the first of a series of five such events organised around Europe, was to introduce the SEALIVE project and these 8 biobased products to key stakeholders and to facilitate knowledge exchange related to the project and its products. The event also encouraged potential synergistic and collaborative opportunities between the participants as well as with the two SEALIVE project partners that implemented the event: the NGO AKTI Project and Research Centre and the environmental SME ISOTECH Ltd from Cyprus. Maritimo Recycling from Croatia provided local support for the organization of the event.

The participatory workshop implemented as part of the event, aimed to disseminate knowledge on plastic pollution, climate change and bioplastic alternatives, engage the participants, learn more about their perceptions and experiences, and document suggested solutions identified from their perspective. During the workshop, the 62 stakeholders in Dubrovnik identified three main concerns for the use of bioplastic: lack of awareness, lack of accessibility (where to find them), and concerns about their cost (whether they will be very expensive). The participants also identified waste management challenges in Croatia, including the lack of sufficient infrastructure (inadequate collection schemes for recyclables, no recycling factories in Croatia), and the transport of waste from neighbouring countries, due to sea currents.

The event concluded with an exhibition where participants could observe the SEALIVE products, ask questions, and network.

You can watch the highlights of the event here. Stay tuned to the SEALIVE website for updates on the next event.

Published 29/09/2023 | Last edited 09/10/2023

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