Project News: Biodegradation standards

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A key objective of the SEALIVE project is to implement pre-normative studies to foster standardization of biodegradable solutions. To achieve this,  project partner OWS will evaluate the biodegradation potential and rate of bio-materials engineered in the project, according to current biodegradation standards (e.g. ISO 18830 method, ISO/DIS 23977-1/-2).

To date, the team assessed the slow degradation of reference materials; polycaprolactone (PCL), biodegradable polyester, and chitosan, a unique biopolymer derived from chitin, in the marine environment. They’ve also participated in a round-robin test (for ISO/DIS 23977-1/-2) to determine the biodegradability of reference materials a pelagic seawater test and a suspended sediment seawater test.

Further standardized biodegradation tests will be carried out on SEALIVE bio-based materials in freshwater, marine, and soil environments. The results will be used to improve SEALIVE formulas and perfect the designs of the project’s solutions.

Thanks to Steven Vertichel, OWS, for this SEALIVE news update.

Published 20/10/2020 | Last edited 04/03/2021

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