A core element of the SEALIVE project is the upscaling, demonstration and validation of eight bio-based solutions including food packaging, cutlery and fishing nets by the 24 project partners across six different regions across Europe and in South America.


8 New Technologies Being Developed

Using advanced bio-based materials and innovative processing technologies, SEALIVE aims to develop 8 new bio-based solutions which have the potential to reduce plastic pollution on land and at sea. Solutions include: rigid food containers, flexible packaging for deep-frozen application, single use cutlery, agricultural films, flexible packaging for sea applications, fish crates, fishing nets and aquaculture mesh bags. Innovative ‘End-of-Life’ management and circular strategies for these bio-based solutions are essential for reducing further pollution of the land and sea. To support this, research will be carried out across demonstration sites to improve current standards for biodegradation, composting and recycling with regards to eco-toxicity, safety and influence of plastic ageing.

6 Demonstration Sites Across Europe and South America


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