PROJECT NEWS: SEALIVE featured on the evening news

Last month, SEALIVE was featured on prime-time evening news by CyBC, the main public broadcaster in Cyprus. The project was featured in a segment focusing on developing alternatives to plastic products for marine and terrestrial use.

SEALIVE project partner, Demetra Orthodoxou (ISOTECH, Cyprus) was interviewed as part of the piece. She introduced the fishing nets being developed and tested as part of SEALIVE’s Work Package 5. The segment included interviews with the fishermen involved in the trials in Cyprus. Other products developed by SEALIVE were also shown. This was a great opportunity to introduce SEALIVE to new audiences and raise awareness of the project with the general public and potential new stakeholders. It is hoped that the interview will raise awareness of the work being done by the scientific community to develop new innovative solutions to help reduce plastic pollution and waste.

The video can be viewed here, the interview with Demetra starts at the 2:30 minute mark.

Published 11/10/2023 | Last edited 12/10/2023

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