Project News: SEALIVE at European Bioplastics Research Network policy makers’ event

policy event june

SEALIVE was pleased to join nine other H2020 research projects for an event on 22 June 2022 hosted by Bio-Plastics Europe to present its policy research to policy officials from the European Commission and discuss future policy developments for bio-based plastics and biodegradable plastics. This was especially timely as the European Commission is in the last stages of developing its policy on these materials, expected to be published soon.

SEALIVE is undertaking policy research and, to date, has reached several conclusions. It is important to ensure that policy and law are “future-proofed” – that it does not become quickly outdated as new materials are produced. It is essential also that policy takes account of real-world circumstances, such as how consumers behave. It is also important that policymakers avoid thinking in thematic silos – the real world is complex.

Sincere thanks to the Bio-Plastics Europe team for hosting this event. Further information on the event and the presentations given can be found on the Bio-Plastics Europe website.



Published 08/07/2022 | Last edited 25/10/2022

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