Project News: Biodegradable fishing nets!

Rafaellos Charalambous, PafosLatsi, Cyprus_Fishing nets_D Orthodoxou_ISOTECH_2

During the first year of the project, SEALIVE project partners have been busy developing new formulas for biobased plastics. The new and advanced formulas to produce bioplastics, will be upscaled and demonstrated in 8 end-applications. One of the 8 applications is a bio-based, biodegradable fishing net.

Project partner ISOTECH has collected samples of traditional nets used by local fishermen in Cyprus. The samples have been sent to partners Cittadini and Seabird in France, who will use them to design the new biodegradables nets. The new biodegradables nets will be tested in Cyprus later in the project!

Special thanks to Rafaellos Charalambous (pictured above) from the Pafos/Latsi area, Cyprus who provided samples of his fishing nets and Demetra Orthodoxou, ISOTECH, for this news update.

Published 12/08/2020 | Last edited 25/02/2021

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