Project News: SEALIVE project conducting stakeholder engagement on bio-based plastic policies

The European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy is an ambitious plan to transform the way that plastic products are designed, used, produced, and recycled in the EU. It is supported by the Single Use Plastics Directive, which aims to tackle marine litter at its source by targeting the top 10 most common single-use plastic items found on EU beaches, together with abandoned, lost, or disposed of fishing gear.

These EU policies are important drivers of SEALIVE’s mission to bring advanced bio-based plastic solutions to the market and provide viable alternatives to single-use plastics. As part of Work Package 6, SEALIVE partners, IEEP (Institute of European Environmental Policy), ISOTECH, and AKTI will be engaging later in 2021 with stakeholders across the European plastic industry, including producers, consumers, and representatives from disposal and recycling stakeholders to get their views on policies related to bio-based plastics. The resulting insights into the barriers and opportunities to the use of bio-based plastics will inform SEALIVE’s activities on developing the new materials and how they can be best positioned in a challenging market.

Later in the project, the project team will also propose policy recommendations on how the development and uptake of bio-based plastics can be supported within the existing EU and global plastic regulatory environment.

For more information about the SEALIVE stakeholder engagement process, please contact WP6 leader, Andrew Farmer,

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Published 25/02/2021 | Last edited 25/02/2021

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