PROJECT NEWS: SEALIVE ready to test its bio-based, industrially compostable and biodegradable fishing nets

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The SEALIVE project is moving towards the testing phase of its innovative demonstrators, where alternatives to conventional products used in agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries and packaging, will be tested in the real environment to assess their performance and their acceptability by the end users. Bio-based, industrially compostable and biodegradable fishing nets are one of the demonstrators that have been developed by the SEALIVE project, as they can become one of the solutions for addressing the dire problem of “ghost fishing” caused by inappropriately disposed of or accidentally lost fishing nets that persist in the marine environment. The SEALIVE fishing nets will be tested for 12 months in the waters of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus by 10 professional fishers, who will provide monthly feedback to the research team at ISOTECH Ltd, the SEALIVE partners coordinating this demonstration. The trials are expected to begin in the coming weeks, and news about it are already making headlines, as a recent article has been published in one of the largest newspapers in Greece (

Updates about the fishing net demonstration, and the other demonstrations implemented through SEALIVE, will be published on our website in the coming weeks.

Published 13/01/2023 | Last edited 13/01/2023

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