Project News: The SEALIVE team meet again in person


After more than two years of online meetings, technical partners from the SEALIVE project met at CNG Emballages and IPC facilities in France.

On the 11th and 12th of April 2022, technical partners from WP2 and WP3 gathered at CNG Emballages and IPC facilities in France to discuss recent progress. One of the main objectives of the SEALIVE project is to reduce plastic waste and contamination on land and in seas by boosting the use of biomaterials and advancing bio-based plastic solutions. To achieve this, SEALIVEis developing novel bio-based plastic formulations with improved properties under WP2 and WP3.

The WP2 team focuses on developing new bio-based plastics from naturally occurring polymers from renewable feedstocks, including aquatic biomass and agricultural waste. Once the polymers have been identified the team looks at upscaling their production and assesses the characteristics and quality of the material to ensure it is fit for purpose. Based on these results, WP3 steps in and works to optimize the formulas. They then use different compounding and processing techniques to advance the properties of the polymers, making them stronger, more flexible, and more cost-effective. This work ensures the final bio-based plastics are suitable for use in the eight SEALIVE products which include food packaging, fishing, and agricultural gear.

During the two-day meeting, partners visited the technical facilities at CNG and IPC where some of this work is being carried out. Having not met in person for more than two years, the meeting was a big milestone for the project and critical in finalising the new bio-based formulas. The team is now looking forward to assessing the most suitable end-of-life scenarios for each product (WP4) before commencing pilot studies (WP5).

We look forward to sharing more news and results soon!


Published 21/04/2022 | Last edited 25/10/2022

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